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We're a Creative Video Production Company in Brighton, Sussex with a relentless focus on the kinship between brand and audience and creating stunning visuals for clients across the UK.

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To illustrate your point…

Animation is a super-effective way to get complex ideas across succinctly. From our video production studio in Brighton, we make infographics, explainer videos and corporate comms through to 3D logos, motion graphics and character-based commercials.

Our clients tend to want something a bit different. Using provocative visuals that put your brand at the forefront, we promise a highly shareable animation that’ll garner more attention than a chihuahua in a handbag.

Our animations


First up, the big idea. Whether it comes to us in the shower or huddled around a whiteboard, this’ll be the creative route that kicks off your powerful piece of video animation.


Next, we’ll need a story. Our gifted writers will script a narrative to guide your animation. It could be led by a voice-over, on-screen text or just simple, concise action that tells your story.

Style Frame

Combining your brand guidelines, references and inspo, we’ll put a style frame together – this is a fully-fledged mock-up of the look, feel and complexity of your animation.


At this point we’ll break your animation down into scenes and map it out into a series of sketched images. This gives you a convenient birds-eye view of the animation and story from start to finish.

Animatic & Music

Now for the basic draft. We do a simple animation of the storyboard sketches, along to a prototype music score and a guide voiceover. This gives a feel for timings and a chance to tweak scenes.


It’s all hands on deck as our animators deliver the final video production that’s about to rock your audience’s world.

Music & Sound

We take music seriously at Gusto. Behind the scenes we’ll be demoing soundtracks and when that eureka moment comes you’ll be sure to hear about it! Finally, we polish your animation with the pops, whooshes and explosions that add that sensory stimulus.

Video Marketing

A great animation is pointless if it doesn’t reach your audience. Luckily, we know a thing or two about video marketing. So once your animation is ready for the world, we can help you get it the attention (Facebook ads, YouTube Bumpers, Instagram TV) it deserves – and crucially, get you a healthy ROI.

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