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Don't Change Campaign


Megaphone the Message

Production, direction, script, creative direction and edit

2020 resulted in us being forced to do things differently and (like it or not) it was doing our planet a world of good. We spotted that there was an opportunity to make these positive lifestyle changes that were going unnoticed, a more conscious part of moving forward. But we found that most existing green messaging was a little bit alienating... making us feel like they weren't maaaad, just disappointed in all the things we were still doing wrong. So we set out to send a different kind of memo.

The Brief

We reached out to sustainable lifestyle company, My Green Pod, to partner with us on the initiative as experts in the eco-field and a megaphone to get the message out there.

Then, we grew the video campaign. Green-washed trigger words were banned and replaced with a script that celebrated the positive eco-changes we had all made - one upcycle at a time. With zero budget and lockdown in full swing, we relied on UGC and our comrades around the world to film the changes they'd made, for us to then piece together the "new normal" puzzle encouraging those new green habits to stick.

The Approach

The result of all that homegrown content and conversational eco-messaging? A clear campaign message that feels relatable, real and, most of all, attainable to the average consumer.

Our campaign was recognised for its impact by The Drum and some of the advertising industry's finest, noimnated as a finalist in The Drum Chip Shop Awards for best Covid Recovery or Awareness Campaign.