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Eric Lorincz - The Diplomat


Eric Lorincz's signature cocktail 'The Diplomat'

Production, direction, creative direction and edit.

Starring world champion mixologist Erik Lorincz and "The Diplomat" - his bespoke serve for High Commissioner whisky. Shot in Erik's 'No.6 Best Bars in the World' Kwant London.

The Brief

Scottish Whisky brand needs a film shot in London to be used for an event in China.

World famous mixologist Erik Lorincz was tasked to create a signature cocktail using High Commissioner whisky to inspire bartenders in China to reach for the brand in their creations. We were tasked with creating the recipe video that launched it, and a "meet the mixologist" film to unveil Eric's thought process behind his cocktail 'The Diplomat'.

The Approach

With a tight shoot schedule and a client look and feel that referenced Youtuber Daniel Schiffer, we needed to tightly storyboard each shot and camera move to each cocktail ingredient and action. Yes, Eric may have changed half the ingredients on the day, but we don't speak about that.

Film day sees us in ninja mode using the Easyrig to keep the camera as agile as possible, with a combination of soft and hard lighting that heroes the serve, it's fine ingredients and its distinguished maker. Slow motion and surreal macro shots break up the flow and give a bit of respite to an otherwise very physical rapid process. He's bloody quick.