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Pure Leaf


The perfect serve is the perfect finish.

Pure Leaf Exotic Black Tea

The Brief

With agency Split Image, our mission was to create the next level in “how tos” for Unilever’s top shelf tea brand Pure Leaf - producing 3 different serves that infuse luxury and a little playfulness in a film that’s a treat on the eyes.

The Approach

Our expertise came in production and post - Lead by Split Image directors Mark and Simon we shot tight to storyboard capturing each action on top-down camera rig and front on master shot. The set design placed the film on a rooftop-esque summer afternoon - complete with festoons gently swinging in the wind. 

Pickup shots were staged and captured on macro giving us slow motion of key moments; hot tea pouring over ice, fruit falling into the bottom of glasses and fresh mint placed on the final serve.

The edit saw us experiment with pace - taking the viewer through slow motion, speed ramps and real time giving dynamism to the films. The how-to text instructions were given life by tracking them to the shots and have them subtly interact with the ingredients - fluid and organic.

On the audio front we had a bespoke score composed that fused tropical instrumentation, airy ambient electric guitar and modern clean beats - very fresh, very light. We coupled this with sound design accentuating slow motion fruit impacts with baby “booms”, liquid pour submersions and little chops, clinks and pops to add interest throughout. 

The result - a refreshing serve for all senses.

The Outcome