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Vox Mark III Mini


Vox's new Mark III Mini.

Production, direction, script, creative direction, edit and sound design.

A nod to the 60's for our promo campaign

The Brief

Vox's Mark IV "teardrop" guitar is a 1960s icon. And when they came to us with a brief to create the promotional film for its new bite-sized doppelgänger, the Mark III Mini, we knew we needed to create a campaign that paid just the right amount of homage to the classic showpiece and its 60s heritage - without being too on the nose.

Finding the balance:

⚖️ Vintage set design / balanced with modern punchy lighting

⚖️ Badass Hendrix inspired track / Not a hippy sixties swinger

⚖️ Psychedelic VFX & decoupage / Contemporary wardrobe

Game Plan

Sourcing the right set was the first port of call, and our dreams were answered upon locating the psychedelic Hippie Shake. But lighting was kept modern and punchy to keep the right balance. As a 60s nod, we chose to shoot some scenes on the day using a prism lens for subtle kaleidoscopic effect - and then the rest was down to post.

Our grade aimed for a big ol' slap in the face with colour to show off the collections vibrant shades, whilst some spiral pattern clone-effect VFX  and archived magazine snippets give another 60s reference. A decision was made to keep our talent, Roxy, in modern clothing to ensure the film stayed current and relevant for a modern-day audience. Paired with a stomping gritty blues rock track instead of a hippy sixties swinger, the promo piece gives a feel that the Mini may be small, but boy is it mighty!

The Approach

Sales of the Mark III Mini were flying off the shelves following the release of the promo across Vox's website and socal media.