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Dan Hills . Producer

Tom Roberts . Marketing Manager


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We're a Creative Video Production Company in Brighton, Sussex with a relentless focus on the kinship between brand and audience and creating stunning visuals for clients across the UK.

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If you've got it flaunt it

You've put your life and soul into a product, why wouldn't you want to show it off?!

We work with you to create an eye catching, attention grabbing, informative piece that does your product justice. Allowing you to advertise across the web in style.

Your product video.

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What we offer.

The idea

Every great piece of product film starts with an idea.

We’re experts in generating ideas and have a passion for creative storytelling, so no matter what the content, we’ll find the right way to advertise it.


Once we have a solid concept, the next step is to produce visual storyboards.

Using a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and dialogue, we'll represent the shots we have planned and show you where the concept is heading.


We make sure to arrive early on the day of filming to setup our equipment, make sure everything is fully operational, and tape off any potential accident areas from the public.


Now the filming begins. At all time we relate back to our storyboard and ensure we keep on brand at all time. We use the latest camera technology to ensure our film quality is at the top of its game. We love having our clients on set with us to chip in with any ideas they may have. The closer we work together, the better the outcome!

Compositing & Editing

Working from storyboards will begin to take this project from idea to reality.

Working in collaboration with you, we take on board all feedback and comments and refine them in each revision to create an end product to be proud of!

Our recent work.

Trusted by...

Trusted by...


Gusto not only produce great content but also a dream to work with. Couldn't recommend them more highly. Super easy to work with in the edit and incredibly reliable.” 

Sarah, Head of Campaigns

University of Sussex