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With PR campaigns no longer focusing on printed stories in the national paper, PR videos are the most important way to push wider content strategies and visual editorials to the people. We are clued up on current trends and have the social-media knowhow to spot when a video is most suited to a live-stream, vertical video or an animated explainer and make things newsworthy.

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A successful PR campaign is one that tells a story, and we've got the video production expertise in formulating engaging beginnings, middles and ends. Incorporate a case study, client testimonial or brand story and open up those all important lines of communication between brand and audience. Launching a PR campaign in such saturated times can keep you up at night. Allow us to serve you with the gift of flawless video so you can serve your audience with the content they desire.

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If we really want to get down to the nitty gritty science of it all, it's been proven that video is processed by your brain 60,000 times faster than text. Do the math, but we like to think of that as a bit of a no brainer. Work with us to launch an engaging PR video campaign that captures hearts and headlines.