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Cancer Research

100 skips per day


The Brief

We came across Clayton, a hugely inspiring 10 year old boy from Brighton, who decided to raise funds for Cancer Research by doing what he loves, skipping.

Not only did we find what he was doing visually compelling, but it conveyed a powerful message that raising money can also be fun and have a personal connection. This being a spin on the traditional approach of fundraising which more often than not follows the same formula.

We wanted to support something we believed wasn't showcased often enough - and as such, our goal was to demonstrate to Cancer Research UK the potential of a simple yet scalable format, all whilst illustrating the creative possibilities across various fundraising activities nationwide. From skipping to surfing, fundraising activities can be as unique as the person fundraising and it’s important to hero the person and their efforts as well as the cause.

The goal was to craft compelling content that placed the genuine story of a fundraiser at its core, enriching the narrative already shared on their social platforms and bringing it to life.

The Approach

To create this social content piece, we kept up with Clayton during his month-long skip and asked him and his mum to log little snippets of the journey. Our crew spent the last day of the fundraising drive with him filming in various locations - some were visually striking, and others were quintessentially Brighton.

Clayton then began filming himself on the infamous i360, so we swiftly jumped into action, seizing the opportunity to shoot in the vibrant Brighton space for the grand finale. This iconic spot, often lingering in the background of his various social posts, finally took centre stage to encapsulate the month-long fundraising journey.

Determined to make this piece pop in a way that broke free from the charity video norm, we craved a soundtrack that's as lively and spirited as the visuals. Enter the iconic "Ya Mama" by Fatboy Slim - right from the start, it hit the sweet spot. With its upbeat tempo and setting of Brighton, it became the missing puzzle piece that brought the whole story together. Shoutout to Norman Cook (and the various other contributors to that track) for letting us use it to elevate this piece.

The Outcome

When we released the final video of Calyton’s skipping challenge in February, it really took off! Cancer Research UK loved the film, the dedication to make it look so striking, and as such they rolled it out across their social channels to help promote the challenge again in June.

After a month on their channels, it not only out-performed pinned and paid posts, but had been their most viewed piece of organic content across their channels... Which we think speaks for itself.

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