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Fender NEXT presents: Lucia and the Best Boys

Production & Post-Production

A sofa side chat and backstage look into the world of Lucia, the latest addition to the Fender Next roster, as they prepared to take to the stage at Brighton's The Great Escape Festival.

The Brief

Each year Fender selects the very best in upcoming musical prowess and provides them a stage (both online and in the literal sense) to share their music with the masses. The Great Escape in our hometown of Brighton played host to said stage and one act hotly tipped for success was Lucia. For those that have not experienced The Great Escape Festival before, it generally consists of artists flocking from venue to venue with minimal change over to perform one of 4, 5 or even 6 shows their team have booked for them. So nailing an act down for an interview can be like herding cats... Then trying to get those cats to relax and open up about how they got to be where they are today.

The Approach

The key to success? The ability to be ready at the drop of a hat. Arriving at the location for the interview we had minimal time to find "the spot", light it, get camera in position, pop some guitars in place and hit record. Having done our research on the band, we knew all members liked to have their say and were interactive with one another in an interview environment. So our boom operator had his work cut out to make sure he didn't miss a moment. Shooting in 4K enabled a one camera set up with the ability to punch in on each speaker without any tip in quality and once the interview was done, we were back on our toes packing down ready to capture the band's live performance across the road at The Old Market.

Two camera ops went hand held and nestled themselves amongst the riotous on lookers in the crowd. Who doesn't love a mosh pit with a cinema camera on your shoulder right?! Lucia are a band to get up in your grill and share every ounce of blood sweat and tears. So our coverage had to do just that. As Lucia herself lent over the barrier and into the snake pit of arms, we were right there with her.

In the edit we used the interview to shine a light on a more human side of the band, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane through UGC and stills from tours gone by. All while including the ever important nod to the Fender brand that's amplified their career to date. Wrapping the whole thing up with an electrifying live performance that'll stick in the mind, as well as the ear drums.