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To Illustrate Your Point...

What gives it gusto

Animation's great, isn't it? The possibilities are endless. They're just perfect for those pesky, less tangible concepts that deserve more than real-world visuals, or to catapult a brief into the stratosphere with swooshes and pops. We love imagining up animations, stop motions and 3D motion designs in-house or with our family of animation partners. From initial kick-off call through to storyboarding session, we'll be devising the best plan of action to visually narrate a brief in its most complimentary animated style. Whether it's just a little hint or fully graphic from start to finish. Once our animator/writer/director have worked collaboratively with brand and agency to style-frame their way to a nailed brief, we put our campaign-thinking caps on. Helping get an animation the attention it (Facebook ads, YouTube Bumpers, Reels) deserves. And crucially, get a hearty ROI. Because we can conjure up the magic in-house, we - and our clients - have full creative control over our animations and aren't relying on any external pals to do their bit. Meaning A+ communication, nimble processes and untethered creativity in abundance...


  1. Look at the campaign as a whole, look at what your KPIs are & what ROI you're aiming for
  2. Discuss delivery platforms and how to maximise them
  3. Are the social cuts going to be stand alone pieces of content or be used as a trailer for the full film? Or both?
  4. Schedule, script and storyboard social content into Production
  5. People love some BTS, we could interview your brand's team on set to talk through the campaign how it came about etc. Form a face to face bond between brand and viewer.


  1. Shoot in 8K so we have flexibility in the edit
  2. Shoot portrait and landscape
  3. Are we shooting on RED or does this lend itself to other options? Handycam or even a phone for example
  4. BTS again, make sure you get it!


  1. Subtitles as no one has audio on anymore (except TikTok)
  2. Aspect ratio, delivery formats for certain platforms etc. (instagram doesn't like .mov)
  3. A good colour grade, is it going to pop on the grid